Get a roaring great deal with two-way SMS on our mobile numbers in Singapore

Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and home to a growing pool of tech startups, as well as it’s half-lion/half-fish mascot the Merlion, it’s no wonder that Singapore has become a key hub for global businesses. It’s one of the most active economies and is ranked number four in the world for GDP per capita. With innovation at its front and center, international companies looking to extend their footprint across the APAC region are finding big opportunities for growth in Singapore.

That’s where we come in. Our solution combines both inbound and outbound SMS on our mobile numbers. In addition to offering national numbers in Singapore capable of two-way voice, we are now the place for all your two-way SMS needs.

With our mobile numbers you get these exciting capabilities and features:

  • Enhanced Quality: By partnering with a Tier-1 Network Operator in Singapore, we can offer the best possible quality of services, connectivity and desirability among end users
  • Improved Reachability:  These numbers are reachable internationally
  • Competitive Pricing:  But the best news? In terms of pricing we are the most competitive in the market (by far!) compared to other global providers

In Singapore, the mobile penetration rate reached 150.8% in 2017. With the extension of our mobile coverage in Singapore, you can take the conversation with your customers in a new direction. Businesses that leverage two-way SMS can provide an omni-channel customer experience, increase satisfaction levels and enhance communications with their customers.

According to the World Bank, Asia’s emerging markets are expected to account for around 41% of global growth in 2018, and more than 45% by 2020. Over the next few months we’ll be launching more numbers and expanding our coverage across Asia. So stay tuned!

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