How To Pick a SIP Trunk Provider

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking at buying telecoms services you’ll know that the industry isn’t just saturated, it’s complicated and difficult to untangle.

Thankfully, at Voxbone, we’re the untanglers and have no problem giving our unbiased (mostly) advice for picking a SIP trunk provider that won’t hurt your wallet or your business.

The Industry in 2019

When it comes to technology, the telecoms industry is going through a lot of changes with the introduction of VoIP, SIP trunks and other Internet-based solutions. But the most drastic changes aren’t coming from the technology, but the services and level of service that a provider offers.

In an age of Monzo, Uber, and Netflix, businesses are seeing a lot of value in a “consumer first” approach. It’s taken time but ultimately, B2B businesses have woken up to the fact that in order to get ahead in the current marketplace, they have to cater for people expecting a level of service they didn’t have to provide before.

So what does that mean for telecoms?

Telecoms has a reputation of being dry, boring and complicated. The opposite of the service offering we can expect from a modern business.

But with a new age of technology like SIP trunks, comes a new age of providers, a lot of them. And with so many offerings it can be difficult to tell them apart. So what does differentiate one SIP trunk provider from another?

SIP Trunk Provider Essentials

The more markets you have access to, the more customers you’re going to be able to be in contact with. Obviously this is important if you’re expecting to expand overseas or have offices in a number of different countries but it also means that if you want to call customers directly, you’re going to have access to those all-important local numbers, which we all know, if you’re not using, you’re missing out.

Quality Calls

As part of the coverage a supplier has, it’s also important that the quality and latency of the calls you’re going to have are as good as if you had an office down the street. Not all connections are made equal after all and we’ve all experienced the awful experience that comes with a lagging phone call.


In an age where GDPR is a household term and companies are being more careful than they have before with their data handling, things like compliance come as second nature to businesses.

That being said, almost every country in the world has it’s own standards, laws, rules, and regulations for cloud communications and many SIP trunk providers struggle to get access to the countries that cause the biggest headaches. If you want to be safe rather than sorry, make sure you go for a provider that values compliance or risk losing your call connectivity.


Optimizing service uptime is important if you want to appear to be reliable to your customers, and unfortunately, just co-locating across two or three data centers isn’t enough if you’re planning to go global. Not just that, but you need to make sure certain requirements and regulations are met when it comes to the reliability of your service.

A good indicator of a quality provider is points of presence (PoPs), how many they have and how many have the capacity to support a large scale contact center. This will give you an idea of how well they will be able to provide ongoing, uninterrupted access to the areas you want to cover.


As your business grows and expands into new territories (hopefully) it becomes important to be in control of your operations without creating extra work. A good SIP trunk provider will give you the ability to control your communications stack in every country you’re present whilst providing support for everything from your initial set up to implementing new features and working with APIs.

Okay, we’ll admit, there’s a slight bias here in that we think we’re the best SIP trunk provider, but in the end, this is solid advice if you plan on looking for a SIP trunk provider, regardless of who you go for.

Are you looking to use SIP trunks for your business?

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