For the last couple of years, we’ve been working hard at Voxbone to achieve our vision of providing businesses with a one-stop shop for global voice and messaging services.

This entails offering businesses the tools to create an on-demand communications stack in the cloud that provides the full functionality of legacy carrier solutions without any of the associated headaches.

Messaging has been a key component of this drive, so it was thrilling to receive the SMS Innovation prize at last week’s 2018 Capacity Media Global Carrier Awards at the Troxy Theatre in London. It’s recognition for a fantastic year for us, in which we surpassed 400 mobile number customers and enjoyed 70% year-on-year revenue growth from mobile.

Voxbone scoops SMS Innovation gong at Capacity Media's Global Carrier Awards 2018

SMS that brings the best of both worlds

Our cloud-native virtual mobile numbers bring two-way SMS and voice capabilities on the same number, exactly like those you get from a traditional carrier. But with the added benefits of the cloud – namely on-demand provisioning, API integration and global reach.

That last point deserves further elaboration. Earlier this year, we hit a massive milestone with the rollout of our mobile phone numbers in a 25th country, and we still have plenty more new markets on our roadmap – not to mention value-added features like number masking, call tracking and campaign management.

Voxbone scoops SMS Innovation gong at Capacity Media's Global Carrier Awards 2018

It’s this breadth of coverage that really sets our SMS offering apart, not just from legacy carriers but also from other cloud communications plays. Compared to this later group we also place a huge emphasis on ensuring enterprise-grade regulatory compliance with local authorities in every country we operate.

So our customers don’t need to worry about the legal and regulatory nuances of launching their comms for their products and services in a new market. Instead, with Voxbone in their corner, they can scale their messaging capabilities in real-time to the following high GDP markets in minutes:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, Vietnam

(bolded countries in the global top 15 by GDP, as per the IMF’s 2017 ranking)

All that with one provider. Now that deserves a thumbs up!

Voxbone scoops SMS Innovation gong at Capacity Media's Global Carrier Awards 2018

A Unified approach to Communications

Because they offer two-way SMS and voice on the same number, our mobile numbers are tailor-made for omni-channel use cases, perfectly fitting the current demand for Unified Communications: they can be used to send and receive SMS and voice calls to and from anywhere in the world.

Combine this with the fact that they can be provisioned, configured and ported using our powerful web portal and through our flexible APIs, and you have a globe-spanning, carrier-grade local communications service in the cloud. It’s global because we provide reach to markets across the world but it’s also local because the depth of this reach is exactly what you would get dealing with a carrier within that geographic market.

Voxbone scoops SMS Innovation gong at Capacity Media's Global Carrier Awards 2018

So here’s the elevator pitch: one global provider; SMS and voice on one number; the widest mobile coverage available with an emphasis on countries with high business value for our customers; full compliance with all local regulations; and easy setup and management through our portal and APIs.

Phew, what a productive elevator ride. And there’s still time to send a text or two before our floor. SMS with Voxbone is going up!

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