Making a quick phone call is something that many people take for granted but what if it suddenly wasn’t that easy to communicate- most would feel that loss pretty quickly. For the hard-of-hearing, making a simple phone call can sometimes be a huge hurdle. Using TDDs (telecommunications devices for the deaf) appears cumbersome in today’s age of smartphones and relying on 3rd parties is not ideal. As someone who is also hearing-impaired, and especially living in Europe where phone-relay systems are not yet in place, this challenge hits particularly close to home for me.

Motivated to make communicating easier for everyone, my company came up with RogerVoice: an app that connects a call via voice-over-IP (VoIP) and uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to subtitle the conversation so people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can make and receive phone calls.

The fact that we were able to develop this app reflects the strides that have been made in the telecommunications industry. There is a wealth of knowledge available out there, with so many APIs and cloud communications providers, and it enables game-changing apps like RogerVoice to fulfill a communication need for a demographic that was previously underrepresented.

For telecommunications companies, the technology behind making a phone call is important and they make it their business to ensure that as many people as possible stay connected. This goal often pushes telcos to collaborate on innovative ways to stay in touch, especially when using the phone presents a particular problem for some customers.

It’s fantastic to be a part of an industry that is creating innovative methods of communication and as cloud technologies continue to advance, the possibilities seem endless! Most may take a phone call for granted but there are organizations out there, like us, with a passion to make staying in touch an activity that anyone can do easily.

By Olivier Jeannel, CEO of RogerVoice

After a successful launch on iPhone and Android, RogerVoice is currently raising their seed round. Contact the founder to find out more: