TAD Summit 2014: exploring telecom API development platforms in Istanbul

TAD Summit just took place in Istanbul. A great group gathered in a city with deep history and a fascinating culture. Alan Quayle, organizer and leader of the TAD Summit and TAD Hack events definitely picks interesting locales for his events. In the past year they have been held in Thailand, Spain, Malaysia, and now Turkey.

By coincidence, Voxbone announced after long preparation that it has added Turkey, as well as Malaysia and Colombia to its Voice, SMS and Fax platform.

Now, global telcos, cloud communications providers and enterprise contact centers can cost-effectively and reliably expand the reach of their communications services with SIP Trunking and DIDs in these three rapidly-growing countries and fifty others that Voxbone provides service from.

Despite the global economic crisis, Turkey, Malaysia, and Colombia all achieved healthy economic growth rates over the last several years. This resulted in a strong demand from Voxbone’s customers for inbound SIP trunks in these countries. Although the authorization process took time and effort due to the strictness of existing telecommunication regulations, Voxbone succeeded in obtaining the government approval in each country for our services.

Voxbone participated in two sessions at TAD Summit:

The first was: “Finding your space in the global Telecom API market,” alongside Daniel Forsman, COO of Sinch!, a Voxbone customer and new API platform focused on mobile development. Sinch is a spin-off from the well-known OTT mobile service, RebTel, and is on track to grow to over 450 million users in its first year of operation. Daniel gave a great overview on why it is compelling for developers to integrate voice and SMS telecom capabilities to mobile applications as well as demonstrating various use cases.

The second session was an interactive workshop panel moderated by Dean Bubley titled “Innovation in legacy consumer services.”

One of the great things about the TAD events is you don’t have to attend in person to get the content: you can experience everything online. All the presentations are posted on the TAD website and our API & SDK resources are available via the Voxbone website.

OK not QUITE everything…some things (like the great conversations and business networking) are simply worth the jet-lag.

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