At Voxbone, we pride ourselves on making cloud communications simple.

15 years ago, we were the first to market with a portal that allowed our customers to get set up in a matter of minutes. And yes, 18 minutes is still the time to beat!

But times are moving on, and we are not ones to stop when we’re ahead.

We have designed a NEW portal with a more flexible code base and intuitive user experience.

We are planning a gradual rollout during 2021.

If you’re curious, here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

User Experience: Upgraded

We have completely overhauled our portal interface, based on customer feedback, usage data, and usability studies, to offer a completely new and much more streamlined experience.

As a result, it will be much more intuitive for our customers to buy and configure numbers and channels, submit porting requests, and comply with all relevant regulations. In short, to manage their entire business comms from one place.

Future-proof platform

The new portal is not only easier to use, it is also easier to build upon. The old portal was robust, but wasn’t quite agile enough for what we wanted to do further down the line. With a fresh new look in the front and back we’re able to keep adding new and exciting features in the future.

One exciting feature we’re working on right now is SIP URI to TEL URI failover management.

Feature Updates

In our (totally unbiased, obviously) opinion the Voxbone portal is a must have for anyone wanting to make their business comms a breeze. But sometimes, when it comes to managing lots of channels and numbers, things can get a bit tangled.

With the new portal, we’ve made number and channel configurations crystal clear, as well as reworked our porting submission process, so now all it takes is a few clicks to get everything in place.

Tired of tripping over regulation? Fed up with filling in forms by hand? There’s an API for that. The new portal will spell out the info you need, and our API can take on your regulators so you can get back to business.

Set a New Record

For first time users, we’re excited to see if someone can beat the record implementation time of first inbound and outbound calls placed in less than 18 minutes.

Think you can do it?

Knowledge Base Upheaval

Our knowledge base. Our bible. It has gone through plenty of iterations in its lifetime. But one thing has stayed the same: we’ve always wanted to give the best info possible to our customers so they can quickly get back to what they do best.

With that in mind, since the new portal has a few different tricks up its sleeve, we’ve gone ahead and re-written and re-organized the knowledge base content. We re-designed it so it’s better for search, and made sure it’s the one place you need to go for all your questions about configuration and our platform.

Check it out here

I’m a Voxbone Customer!
Can I Upgrade to the New Portal?

We are planning a gradual roll out during the first half of 2021 and will let you know in advance when it’s your turn to keep business disruption to a minimum.

If you have any questions, we’ve got a useful page on the knowledge base but feel free to get in touch with your account or customer success manager if you have any further concerns.