Toll-free in the UAE

Ever wonder why Voxbone doesn’t offer its Geographical DID services in UAE?

Recently, the country’s telecommunications authority, TRA, has confirmed its position on VoIP services: “only two state-owned companies were eligible to obtain a license to offer VoIP-based communications services.”

So essentially this means that all other VoIP-based services, ranging from residential Skype calls to Voxbone’s wholesale SIP trunks, are not permitted.

The only exception to this is the use of International Toll-Free numbers, which enable only a limited number of use cases: the contact center number or conferencing dial in number, but not enterprise SIP trunking. Voxbone now offers full national coverage of these toll-free numbers in the UAE, which are reachable from both landline and mobile.

Given the economic importance of the Emirates and the international vibe of its residents, we have had continuous demand for geographical DID numbers in these countries. So, we would be more than happy to apply for a license in order to provide our DID service with local UAE phone numbers. With the goal of boosting innovation in residential and enterprise communications, an open licensing process for VoIP services should offer TRA a way to meet its strategic goal of “promoting the electronic lifestyle in the UAE.”

There will always be service providers who are willing to ignore issues around regulatory compliance and business continuity in order to provide local DID numbers from the Emirates. However, because they don’t follow regulations, these services are not guaranteed and may be available one day and gone the next. These providers aren’t recommended for the people and businesses that rely on consistent and quality VoIP and SIP services.