People expect the unexpected when they travel. But when it comes to making bookings and reservations, no one likes surprises. That’s why online travel companies like tripsta know the importance of having multiple customer service channels that are easy to reach from anywhere, at any time.

Although they operate on the web, travel booking services like these need to offer travelers 24/7 support, both on- and offline. This means having phone lines at the ready and offering local numbers that customers can reach from around the world. To see how tripsta relied on Voxbone to extend their global reach, check out our recent case study featuring tripsta.

Now let’s get to know a little bit more about the type of customers who are more likely to use tripsta and other online travel services. These folks turn to social media for recommendations, tend to use handheld devices for planning and bookings (and just about everything else) and they are traveling more than the generations that preceded them. Any guess which group of people we’re talking about?

Millenials are getting serious mileage

Statistics show that Millennials, who are 23% more likely to travel than older generations, are also booking and making reservations well in advance compared to other demographics. And there’s more research on the ways Millennials book travel:

  • 49% of Millennials plan their trips on smartphones and 35% of them book tickets the same way
  • 76% consider recommendations from friends as top influencers for travel and 80% percent say online reviews strongly influence the decision-making process
  • Millenials are pretty much always connected, but they want to choose when and how they want to engage with travel companies.

According to a recent survey by Conversocial, 54% of millennials responded that they stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service. With 98% of customers planning to book with them again, tripsta is making sure customers–Millenials and non-Millenials alike–are getting the support they need, when they need it, and through the channels that make sense to them. This is why tripsta turned to Voxbone for reliable support that makes setting up international telephony a breeze.

“Our customers keep coming back because of the affordable and easy service experience we provide them and we expect our communication providers to do the same,” says tripsta CEO Philipp Brinkmann.

Read more about how Voxbone helped tripsta offer international customer service without the complications of traditional telephony here.