Voxbone is now offering mobile phone numbers in China. This is a huge deal, folks. Statistics show the number of cell phone subscriptions in the country are almost equal to its population–that’s 1.37 billion people. For businesses that want to reach new markets in China, establishing voice and SMS as part of a multifaceted communications strategy can make big difference in areas such as sales and customer support.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Demand is high for virtual phone numbers in China but tight regulations make it hard to set up a presence, especially on a large scale. That’s why Voxbone has added it to its list of countries (now at 20!) that support mobile coverage. These numbers are easily provisioned via Voxbone’s web portal and APIs. It’s a game-changer.

We’re actually the first overseas provider to launch mobile numbers in China.

2-way SMS and Shenzhen

Our new mobile numbers have the prefix +861 and have a lot to offer. Not only can you send and receive SMS to customers, sales leads or co-workers in China, but you can also receive voice calls from the same number. For delivering support to customers in China, for example, 2-way SMS with voice lets your customers reach you multiple ways, all with the same number and without the costs or complications you’d have to deal with using traditional telephony.

But wait, there’s more. We’re also launching landline numbers in Shenzhen for the first time. Linking China’s mainland to Hong Kong, Shenzhen is China’s second most populous city and a central part of the country’s tech industry. Add it to the growing list of Voxbone’s city-specific numbers in the region (Beijing, Shanghai, and Tongchuan), and you’ve got access to huge business opportunities within the area. So, if you have an international business and want to reach new markets in China, you’ll be surprised how easy setting up your communications can be.

Curious? Check out our China coverage page to learn more.

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