Bring your own applications to Voxbone

We’ve had a busy month here at Voxbone. Our team jetted off to Orlando, Florida for Enterprise Connect 2019, where we announced our tailored enterprise-grade platform and upped our selfie game.

Something we were keen to talk about at the event is just how easily our voice and messaging services can be used with other cloud communications platforms. As the leading Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) provider, our approach is to be application agnostic.

Today, I want to highlight:

  • How integrating Voxbone into your existing CPaaS or UCaaS can save you money and improve your reach
  • How Voxbone customers can use these integrations to layer best-in-class features and functionality over the top of our core, compliant voice infrastructure
  • How simple it is to integrate our services with any VoIP-enabled application

Why it pays to bring Voxbone to your comms party

If you already have an existing cloud communications platform in place, why do you still need Voxbone in your life? The answer is simple really and it’s a good one.

By running our voice services through your existing UCaaS or CPaaS solution, you can improve your company’s access to the PSTN by extending your reach into more markets and optimize your call routing with a few lines of code, as well as enjoying superior voice quality on the industry’s leading network.

You can also save money by unbundling your comms infrastructure from your platform and getting it straight from the source. Global access to the PSTN is delivered via SIP trunks and cloud communications platforms will bundle this SIP connectivity as part of the service charge. But research from Nemertes highlights how plugging in SIP trunks from a CaaS provider can significantly reduce PSTN access and operational costs. In fact, bringing your own cloud SIP trunks to your Unified Communications platform can reduce your OpEx by as much as 63%.

And when it comes to choosing a CaaS provider, there’s no better bet than the one that provides the underlying infrastructure for most of the leading cloud comms platforms anyway! (That’s Voxbone, by the way).

Overlaying class-leading business functions on the Voxbone network

These benefits are a two-way street. We want our customers to build your best business communications – and sometimes that means they will need features and functionality that we don’t provide.

By ensuring our services are application-agnostic, we make it easy for you to run any SIP-enabled app or service over our network. As a case in point, let’s look at Voximplant’s SmartCalls, which gives businesses the power to automate the creation of AI-powered call processes.

In no time at all, our customers can integrate with the SmartCalls platform to set up smart and flexible outbound call campaigns on their Voxbone numbers. We provide the class-leading voice infrastructure, the fully compliant connectivity and the global scale across 65+ markets. SmartCalls, or whoever else for that matter, provides the value-added services to meet your specific use case requirements.

As our CEO Itay said when SmartCalls announced its recent transformation into an all-in-one solution for call process automation: “With Voximplant’s Smartcalls and Voxbone, any business can build and operate a global contact center within minutes.”

To see how you can set this up in minutes, check out our guides to integrating with some of our favorite platforms – Twilio, Plivo and Voximplant