Voxbone’s 15 Year Anniversary Employee Interview

Voxbone turned 15 in September 2020, and amongst our many successes and milestones we have achieved during this time, we believe our people are at the very top of that list. Voxbone started in Brussels with just three employees in 2005 and now we have 200 employees across eight offices worldwide.

To celebrate and introduce you to some of our Voxbone team we caught up with three of them who, combined, have fifteen years of Voxbone experience. We’ve also gathered some employee memories, we just had to share and a collection of notable milestones from the past 15 years.

Meet the Tremendous Trio

Caro, George, and Madina have a combined time of 15 years at Voxbone, and today, they share their favorite experiences, what they enjoy most about working at Voxbone, and some of their favorite memories.

Carolina Rodriguez

Carolina ‘Caro’ Rodriguez has been at Voxbone for a total of 5 years. During her time she has worn many different hats and achieved great things. As her personal and professional life saying goes; ‘A good challenge spices life up!’. With her endless abundance of passion, her energy is contagious when it comes to working alongside the talented HR professional.

Five years at Voxbone, tell us about your first day?

I remember it as if it was yesterday. Brussels was going through a rough period, being under a security lockdown due to the Paris terrorist attacks, and almost everyone worked from home that week. As schools were closed, Emma, the daughter of our Chief Coverage Officer and General Counsel greeted me that day and showed me around the office. It was the best onboarding I’ve ever had.

You have such a varied and unique background, when did you realize you wanted to work in HR?

I have a translation and interpreting background, specializing in Social and Legal Interpretation. But, I’ve always enjoyed working around people rather than working in an isolated environment. At Voxbone I discovered a way to combine my passion for being around people and see them grow professionally with my interest in international social law.

For anyone who is aspiring to work in HR, what advice would you give them?

You have the whole world ahead of you. Don’t get stressed out trying to learn everything the first day! Also, never get too comfortable and keep educating yourself – Keep on top of HR updates and new legislation.

So, five years, you must have lots of stories, what’s your favorite memory?

I have so many! Some of my favorites would have to be… completing successful hirings and celebrating with a glass of the best Japanese whiskey with the managers. Organizing and enjoying the 2017 Winter Event with the rest of my team. Dancing to Latino music with Vasi, playing a CIA agent with Paul, Ness, John, and Octavian, returning to childhood while watching ‘Lion King, The Musical’ in London with my team, or surfing for hours in the North Sea.

I feel like I’ve gotten to know you really well over the past two years, but tell me something about yourself your friends, families would be shocked to know?

Even though I have a black belt in Taekwondo and consider myself a brave person, I am super scared of people dressed up in costumes and makeup. It could be a clown, Santa, or Mickey Mouse in Disneyland – it’s terrifying to me.

George Stone

Don’t let his youthful glow fool you, George Stone is one of the most experienced salespeople in telecoms. During his four years at Voxbone, he has steadily grown into his role as Senior Business Development Manager, approaching each challenge with a fresh and unique perspective. He has an innate ability to befriend and impress anyone he meets with his honesty and cloud comms knowledge.

George, you’ve been at Voxbone for five years, tell me about how you ended up working here?

I spent my youth growing up in Cornwall which is a particularly rural part of the UK, a.k.a farmer and tractor central. When I was 18 I was fairly desperate to climb onto the career ladder so I took the plunge and moved to the outskirts of London. I spent about two and a half years working for large corporations and decided I wanted to make more of an impact working at a smaller company. Coincidentally, Voxbone came along! And the rest, as they say, is history…

Working in BD What did you do to celebrate when you closed your first major deal?

After closing my first really big deal, I wanted to go big so I took nearly three weeks off and flew to Australia with my family. We spent some time exploring the Outback and then flew down to Sydney. From there, we traveled up the East Coast to Brisbane. That was a really memorable experience and I’ll definitely be aiming to do it again at some point!

What has been your highlight over the past 4 years?

I’d say this one is probably two-fold. Without sounding cliché, it has definitely been meeting new people! There are so many people that I’ve bonded with over the years and have built relationships with, and Voxbone has definitely helped to facilitate that. We often joke about some of the memories from the various Summer and Winter parties, even those going back to my first year at the company. Secondly, learning new skill-sets. When I joined Voxbone, I definitely had the foundations set in place from previous companies and experience, but being at Voxbone I was exposed to different situations with all types of companies in countries all over the world, which has really accelerated my growth and knowledge.

What would you do if you weren’t a Business Development Manager?

I would likely be trying my hand at Account Management – sales and being customer-facing, it’s in my blood!

Madina Zikria Jamili

Madina is one of our Key Account Managers based in our San Francisco office and handles some of our largest and most prestigious customers all over the world. During her 6 years with Voxbone, her portfolio has grown steadily and she is without a doubt one of our most well known and respected Account Managers.

We know Voxbone is global but what’s it like to work in a global environment?

Being part of a global company has been extremely rewarding and has positively impacted both my professional and personal growth. I’ve learned how to adapt to different environments quickly and become efficient. Also, having the opportunity to spend time and exchange knowledge with Voxbone employees globally has allowed me to feel closer and more connected to the business as a whole.

I imagine doing what you do you’re very much a people person, how did you know you wanted to work in this field?

As you guessed, I’ve always been a people person. My teachers in grade school would often put me on time out for socializing too much during class! I’ve always gravitated towards collaborative environments that allow me to challenge myself and others – but in a nurturing way. I knew that whatever career path I took would need to involve both building strong relationships and problem-solving. When I came to Voxbone and witnessed the passion and drive to deliver a great product and customer experience, I knew quite early into my role that this was a great fit.

I can imagine you being put in a time out for socializing too much, what did you want to grow up to be when you were younger?

The pink power ranger! Who didn’t?

Tell me something about yourself, your friends, families, and colleagues would be shocked to know?

I’m going to conquer my fear of heights and will be doing a skydive later this year!

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