Voxbone London is bigger than ever, with a brand new space to call home. This week, the UK branch of Voxbone packed up our gear and moved to 25 Luke Street, part of the London-wide workspace community Techspace. Here’s to some great new digs!

Before the move
Getting set up
All settled in!

Voxbone has an office in Silicon Valley, as you may well know. But have you heard of the Silicon Roundabout? No? Well, it’s considered the third-biggest cluster of tech startups in the world next to San Francisco and New York. This makes Voxbone the wise old neighbor to the young tech whippersnappers on the block. Get off my lawn!

New to the area, experts in our field

Voxbone was founded in 2005 and opened its London office nine years later. And the UK team has kept on growing ever since (in fact, we’re hiring a sales team leader–are you up to the challenge?). That’s why we’ve upgraded locations to the spacious and sunny (well, for London) new spot. 

Now that we’re in the happening Shoreditch neighborhood, it’s time to empty our wallets for boutique coffee and fill our time with all the stuff we love to do, like making global communications more accessible and less complicated. Which is to say, we deliver faster setup, easier provisioning, and value-added services to support growing businesses around the world. 

We’ve got a new location, but with the same mission to make things strangely simple for our global customers. Want to learn more? Get in touch at contact@voxbone.com.