Voxbone at International Telecoms Week in Chicago

By its very nature, it is extremely hard to bring the far flung companies that comprise the global Telecom industry together in one physical place, but the International Telecom Week (aka ITW) does a better job of it than any other event. Of course, May is a beautiful time to visit Chicago, and this year ITW attracted over 6,000 delegates representing 1,800 companies from 148 countries.

What happens at ITW? Well mostly it is meetings, meetings, and more meetings. The hotel complex housing the event is transformed into floors of private meeting suites. Downstairs in the cavernous lower levels of the hotel, there are yet more private meeting rooms, exhibit booths and row upon row of bilateral tables. Fortunately, visitors are issued a much needed map and directory when they register.

The Voxbone team had the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of customers and partners in the Voxbone exhibit booth, with an industrial grade Espresso machine and Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates to help keep our fellow ITW delegates running full-speed through their strenuous daily meeting schedules.

ITW includes a dynamic conference program, as well. This year, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Computer Scientist who famously developed HTTP protocol while working as a software engineer at CERN in Geneva in the very early ’90s, giving rise to the “World Wide Web” and the entire Internet some would argue, gave the Keynote address.

In the midst of all the excitement, it is good to remember the fundamental benefit that these telecommunications services provide the world. Hence the 2nd annual ITW Charity 5k race was held on the shore of Lake Michigan bright and early in the morning of ITW Day 3, with several VoxRunners(tm) participating, to raise funds and awareness for the work of Télécoms Sans Frontières.

Thanks Capacity & ITW team for another great event.