Cloud communication has done wonders for SMBs, who no longer need to rely on dusty old equipment and carriers for their telephony needs. At Voxbone, we live for the cloud, because we believe it’s the key to making global communications simpler. That’s why we’ve been working hard on new ways to provide these same benefits to bigger companies – the Ls XLs and XXLs of the world – not to mention those running their own private clouds.

And here’s what we came up with: a greatly enhanced Outbound Calling service that positions us as the world’s first globe-spanning local communication network in the cloud! That’s because we’ve added a National Calling capability, which allows businesses to make in-country calls featuring local number presentation to the entire national dialing plan.

Now you can ring special destinations not usually accessible via international calling services, such as emergency and toll-free numbers. With this change, businesses can now establish a two-way local presence in the ten countries where we’re launching this service, with a rapid rollout planned for the coming months to more territories where our global voice network is interconnected.

At launch, the service will be available on our local phone numbers in:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Local presence dialing: The holy grail for businesses

Placing calls with local number presentation is the ultimate dream for businesses attempting to connect with international audiences because research shows that consumers are 4x more likely to answer a call if they see a local number in the CLID than they are if they see an international or toll-free number.

“Local presence dialing is one of the most common requests from our customers at Zoho”

Vinay C, Head of Strategic Technology Partnerships at Zoho Corporation

Vinay C, Head of Strategic Technology Partnerships at Zoho Corporation, highlights the market need for Voxbone’s expanded service: “Local number presentation on outbound calls can help drive customer conversions through significantly higher answer rates. Local presence dialing is one of the most common requests from our customers at Zoho.

“The Zoho PhoneBridge platform helps all the major cloud-based telephony providers in the world integrate with Zoho CRM. As part of it, I look forward to working with our telephony partners to bring in this feature by Voxbone for our customers.”

How it works: Introducing the BQR engine

Previously, our Outbound Calling solution was equipped with an International Calling capability, allowing for businesses to dial any fixed and mobile line in the world from activated Voxbone phone numbers in 40 countries. Because calls were routed internationally, they presented with the country code in CLID. It looked something like this:

National Calling capability adds the ability to route calls in country, meaning there is no need to pass through international gateways. This simplified journey from point A to B results in lower latency, carrier-grade audio quality and better privacy.

Sitting between the two is our Best-Quality Routing (BQR) engine, which is responsible for intelligently selecting whether a call will be routed nationally or internationally. Because it optimizes for the best quality and lowest latency route between call termination and origination, voice traffic will be automatically routed in-country wherever National Calling is available and active.

In the above diagram, a call is placed from the customer’s network and our BQR analyzes the number that it is being sent from and the destination number. If the call terminates in a different country, it will be routed via our globe-spanning SIP infrastructure and the relevant international gateway.

But if it is a national call, the call will instead be sent via in-country routing. The end result, you can see, is that the CLID will show as a local number without the country code.

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