Voxbone + The Global Carrier Awards

Last night we attended Capacity Media’s Global Carrier Awards where we were nominated for 3 awards including:

  • Best Voice Service Innovation – Mature Markets
  • Best Voice Service Innovation – Emerging Markets
  • Best Marketing Campaign

As you might imagine we were pretty excited and we’re thrilled to let everyone and their mother know that we came away with a win!

Global Carrier Awards

Best innovation Voice award In a Mature Market: Compliance-as-a-Service

So what did we put forward for the award that put us ahead of the competition? Well, beyond simply guaranteeing our services are compliant, we recently built a Compliance-as-a-Service offering that provides customers a suite of industry-leading APIs and tools to streamline the process of ensuring ongoing compliance against rapidly changing global and local regulations that vary by country and service.

Combined with our BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) approach, this lets customers add compliant telephony coverage to their communications platform of choice – minimizing the risk of regulatory-enforced blocks or shutdowns that comes from relying on the default aggregated telephony layer that is bundled with such platforms.

Our research indicates the typical cloud comms player loses 30% coverage a year, at least temporarily, due to non-compliance. Voxbone gives customers everything they need to run compliant telecoms out of the box for long-term reliability.

Global Carrier Awards

Comply by using our API

At the heart of the offering are our APIs that enable automation of compliance processes.

In our industry, customers receive little-to-no feedback from providers about compliance requirements. First, we ensured that our APIs provide this understanding in a way that makes sense to both humans and machines.

This required an approach we call ‘Compliance by Design’, taking compliance as it is defined in legal text in multiple languages and translating it into a machine-readable format, so it can be communicated as a standardized data requirement that software devs can understand.

Effectively, we’ve made compliance programmable for our customers. This required a unique approach to API design, taking 15 years of hard work by our legal teams and extensive regulatory relationships and translating them into code.

Why Does Compliance-as-a-Service Matter?

Enterprise and resellers can potentially invest massive resources in local legal counsel and deal directly with carriers and regulators in every country, or choose to rely on cloud communications providers.

Communication providers must comply with local laws that vary from country to country and are only becoming stricter over time. And the only way for a provider to guarantee a stable, available service in the long term, is to ensure they are 100% compliant with all local regulations in every market. If a company chooses to take regulatory shortcuts, they are at risk of service downtime, lost revenues and hefty fines.

And since providers typically lose 30% of coverage a year due to non-compliance. Even if it is only a temporary outage, this has a hugely negative impact on customers. By taking a compliance-first approach, we are able to:

  • Standardize and automate the address verification process in 37 countries
  • Enable access to emergency services in 33 countries
  • Standardize and automate number porting requests in 39 countries
  • Reduce by 90% the number of errors in data collection

Our Focus

Voxbone is becoming a one-stop-shop for global, compliant coverage. By working with us, businesses can automate a number of compliance-related functions including address registration and access to emergency services.

In the past year, we’ve leveraged the capability and relationships previously created in order to develop and offer new services in the countries in which they were located.

Our focus is on building out (internally) our PSTN replacement, having spent millions to create a virtual infrastructure in the cloud. Currently, we offer full-stack, local telephone service and enterprise-grade across 30+ countries.

Remain Compliant With Voxbone

Integrating Voxbone APIs ensures businesses remain compliant  – and that’s the only real way to guarantee long-term stability and availability of voice and messaging services in the market.

Interested in how Voxbone could help keep your communications compliant? Get in touch with our team to find out.