If you missed last week’s webinar on getting started with Speech Analytics, have no fear. The recording is here.

We’ve been busy at Voxbone Labs. Customers have access to a growing number of services like keyword spotting and sentiment analysis, plus we’ve partnered with VoiceBase, CallMiner and Gridspace to offer the most flexibility and best options for extracting data from their spoken interactions. Here are some highlights from the presentation:

Use cases

We covered some use cases of how Speech Analytics can boost revenue from sales or customer support interactions, improve call center agent performance, and ensure regulatory compliance (for example, this service can identify and redact sensitive data from spoken conversations).

Customer case study

We discussed a case study from Globalscale. This company is a call center developer and integrator that went from having never implemented a call analytics service before, to setting up and using Speech Analytics to give their customer a major boost in revenue.

Service in a flash

Our Labs Product Manager Fikri Firat explains and demos how you can easily get started using Speech Analytics and seeing value in a variety of ways. For example, Speech Analytics can record calls from our DIDs or via SIP, transcribe them, and include enhanced metadata like sentiment analysis. How are your customers feeling, anyway? Voxbone has made it super fast and easy to setup recording, transcription, and analytics metadata on calls made through Voxbone’s DIDs.

Data visualization

The next demo featured how it only takes five minutes to start using the Speech Analytics dashboard to visualize data about your calls including problem-solving efficiency, emotional cues, sales opportunities, and more.


The basic pricing is simple. Recording starts at $0.0025 per minute. Transcription for conversations in English are $0.05 / minute. Non-English transcription services are billed at $0.10/minute or less. Volume discounts apply over 1 million minutes, for those larger call centers out there.

Special offer

I’d also like to let you all know that we have a special offer for sign-ups before the end of the year. Here’s the deal:

  • The first 1K minutes of recording and transcription services are FREE.
  • Porting fees ARE WAIVED for DIDs ported for recording services.


Finally, make sure to wrap up your webinar recap by watching the Q&A session, as the conversation covers the most relevant uses for Speech Analytics to your business.


Want to get started or learn more about Speech Analytics? Get in touch with us for more information or easily schedule a personal consultation.