Last week was the critically acclaimed Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where tech gurus gathered from the four corners of the universe to discuss anything from networks, wearables, local tapas, and yes – WebRTC.

Apart from checking out a few booths at MWC, we joined the Quobis folks and a few other 250 friends at the Pompeu Fabra University to chat about what matters most: WebRTC.

The line-up of speakers was pretty impressive (Mozilla, Ericsson, Oracle, to name a few) and the topics were right on par: Scaling, going live, demos, open-source, non-webrtc devices, performance.

Our Lead VoIP Architect, Torrey Searle – father of many things at Voxbone, especially our WebRTC solution – was invited to discuss in the “WebRTC and Open-source” panel along with a few people from, Acision, Telestax, and Zingaya. The panel was inflamed especially when talking about standardisation of WebRTC signalling, which is a heated (almost religious) debate in the community.

A few tweets of the night:

Overall it was nice to gather a few people from MWC in a laid-back atmosphere and meet new faces.

Looking forward to the next WebRTC events!

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