With numbers that might make you rethink what a disruptive communications provider is capable of, Voxbone has been making waves with record usage. More than 100 million unique numbers made calls to Voxbone’s network in 2017. Considering that many of these numbers could be central lines for businesses, the potential number of individual callers is likely much higher. Also note that these figures are inbound-only, and so the outlook for outbound is full of potential as more businesses turn to new forms of communications solutions.

Let’s say 100 million people made connections with Voxbone’s network. That’s greater than the population of Vietnam. Or twice the number of inhabitants of Spain. Or four times the number of people living in Australia (have you heard about our latest PoP in the region?). Yet callers making up Voxbone’s statistics come from all over the world, connected by a network that spans more than 60 countries and 9,000 cities.

Voxbone is also seeing major growth from businesses using SMS. More than 100 thousand unique users throughout 18 countries have sent texts to Voxbone numbers in 2017. A relatively new service from Voxbone, two-way SMS is seeing a growing number of use cases–especially in EU states that recently got rid of data roaming charges. It looks like we’ll be seeing texting becoming a bigger part of multichannel customer service, along with an increased use of chat bots and automation based on this increasingly popular channel.

How Voxbone got here and where we’re going

Voxbone’s global coverage remains unparalleled among similar communications providers, but that’s not the whole story. What makes it the perfect solution for growing cloud communications providers, many of which are doing increasingly large deployments, is the attention to both compliance and quality of service that its customers rely on to help power their products.

When companies of all sizes extend their reach to new markets around the world, having the right communications infrastructure in place is key. Looking at Voxbone’s customers, you can see that the major cloud communications players are tapping into Voxbone’s network to get high-quality voice and messaging services while also finding support to stay on top of international regulations. As the market for cloud comms is getting bigger (and the world is getting smaller), Voxbone keeps growing to deliver new and better services to its customers and the users they serve. The sky’s the limit!