Germany toll-free numbers reopened for business

We will be re-launching our toll-free numbers in Germany this month and you can rest assured. As always with Voxbone, they’re fully compliant with the country’s regulations.

Our toll-free numbers in Germany can be used both by folks within the country looking for national coverage in their home territory AND businesses situated outside who want access to the EU’s most important market.

For these particular numbers, we’ve lowered our porting cost to zero! So you can port any German toll-free numbers you might have elsewhere over to Voxbone and consolidate your telephony in one place with a single provider.

New coverage and features

  • As you may have seen last week, we’ve launched mobile numbers in Vietnam.We’re the only provider offering regulatory compliant DIDs equipped for two-way SMS and voice in the country!
  • At the same time, we completed another challenging coverage expansion – local numbers in Austria! Now you can use geographic numbers for five major areas of the country including Vienna, alongside our existing national, mobile and toll-free offering.
  • We now offer the ability to port your existing mobile numbers in Israelto Voxbone’s network!
  • Speech Analytics is now live in our platform! Just a reminder, this is actually three amazing products in one: call recording, transcription and analytics! Activate the service now, or learn more about how to get started here!
  • Call quality metrics added to our Analytics API beta, including info on packet loss, MOS, jitter and round-trip time for all calls run through Speech Analytics.

In Case You Missed It

  • Speaking of Voxbone’s mobile coverage, last month saw the launch of outbound voice calling across our mobile numbers in 20 countries including USA, UK, Canada, France and Australia.

Voxbone flexes the strength of its mobile coverage


  • April also bore witness to the arrival of Russian toll-free numbers, sporting the prefix +7 and the area code 800. If you’re interested, make sure to fill in this short form. Don’t say we never treat you!
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