July 2018

Another month, another update from Voxbone. But this one’s a bit special. We’re quite pleased with ourselves you see. Why? Oh it has a little something to do with the number 25! Read on to find out!




That’s right, we’re launching Italian mobile numbers this week and that means our SMS services are now available in 25 countries, including US, UK, China, Russia, Australia and, well, 20 others!

This is a huge milestone for us, especially as we’ve been working hard to launch our mobile offering in new and exciting countries that many businesses tell us they’re yet to penetrate.

That’s why, over the last year, we’ve been rolling out mobile numbers in exciting new places such as Vietnam! And there’s plenty more to come so stay tuned.

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Denmark gets the full-stack treatment

Our full-stack PSTN replacement service comes to Denmark, which joins the growing list of countries where we can provide businesses with the means to create a fully local two-way voice presence.

Inbound voice, outbound domestic and international calls, number portability and access to emergency services, not to mention high-quality mobile numbers for SMS. Find out why businesses in Denmark are cutting their carrier cord.

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US mobile numbers can now be ported into Voxbone for all 48 mainland states. Please speak to your account manager for support in all your US porting needs. 

To celebrate, we’re running a free porting promo on our US mobile and geographic numbers until the end of August!

Bulgarian geographic numbers can now be ported over to our platform. We’ve also enabled portability requests for Hungarian geographic numbers!

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We’ve consolidated providers in Argentina to ensure higher-quality voice services on our Argentinian geographic numbers. As a result, we’ve also been able to reduce our pricing in seven cities across the country.

Latvia prepares to go national – The EU country is the latest to move away from a city-based numbering plan for a single national-based solution. We’ll be transitioning the numbers in the coming months, which you will see in our Latvian coverage plan.

From the end of September, the ordering of new Singapore DIDs will require proof of ID or proof of business registration, as per updated requirements from the national regulator. This is in addition to the current proof of address requirement.

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