Summer is approaching in Croatia, a country with 1,100 miles of coastline. So who wants to be inside to use the phone? Well, we’ve got some great news. Voxbone has launched Croatian virtual mobile numbers that enable businesses to reach out to their customers via SMS, whether they’re getting a tan on the Dalmatian Coast or taking a stroll through the streets of Zagreb.

Voxbone’s virtual mobile numbers come with a reliable tier-1 national SMS termination service as a value-added service. This enables two-way communications between Voxbone’s customers and their subscribers. This opens the door for businesses to use SMS as a channel for customer service, notifications, authentication and more.

Who gets in touch with businesses via text, anyway? Millenials do, according to a study of U.S. consumers aged 18-34, which found that 60% of respondents want the option to text their favorite businesses, with half of the group wanting to receive fraud alerts via SMS. And there’s an even bigger incentive for companies to use SMS to connect with their Millennial customers: 83% of people within the group said they opened texts within 90 seconds of receiving them.

Whether in the U.S. or in Croatia, there’s some compelling reasons for enabling SMS, and now you can do so with Voxbone. So, if you’re looking for numbers with the country code +385 and mobile prefix 95, but you want the flexibility and low costs associated with virtual phone numbers, Voxbone has you covered.

Want to learn more about Voxbone’s 2-way SMS enabled numbers? Check out this info and see how to make the most out of your business’s mobile strategy.

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