Global communications for enterprise can be really complicated. Mind-numbingly, table-flipping-ly complicated. No one is more aware of this fact than the team at Voxbone who strive to make these systems simpler, more efficient and less costly for growing businesses around the world.

Such is the challenge that drew Shachar Radin-Shomrat, Voxbone’s new Chief Commercial Officer, to the business infrastructure space. Formerly the CMO of the rapidly scaling, advertising-technology provider myThings, she had also helped make McCann Erickson become the top digital ad agency in Israel. Not too shabby.

Now Shachar has honed in on enterprise communications, where Voxbone’s services are powering a whole new world of business tools, like dial-in conferencing, global contact centers, on-demand services–and the list is growing. Is it just us, or has the business sector gotten way better-looking since the last time we checked?

As Shachar noted in a recent Voxbone press release, we are entering a future of “hardtech” where disruption goes deeper than the software layer and needs a foundation that is, well, hard. Processes are getting more complicated, especially at a global level, and so there is real value in the tools and people who act behind the scenes to make life easier for the rest of us. Communications tools are no exception; in fact, they’re a great example.

“Technologies aren’t just disrupting online services–they’re impacting physical industries as well,” Shachar says. “Telecoms haven’t seen a big change for decades, but disruptive tech is now turning the industry upside down.

Who’s ready to leave the old, complicated world of telecommunications behind? As an increasing number of businesses move to the cloud and look for less expensive, more flexible alternatives to global communications, Voxbone’s customers continue to grow with new use cases and higher adoption than ever before.

We are thrilled to have Shachar join our London office and lead Voxbone’s international sales and marketing operations. Our new CCO is sharpening our focus to be an even more well known player in the cloud communications space with greater coverage, new products and a bigger team. Get ready to hear more from Shachar as Voxbone continues to lay a solid foundation for businesses to grow on a global scale and achieve world dominance, one number at a time.