Making our branding guidelines strangely simple

At Voxbone, we like to break the rules. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own guidelines when it comes to our brand.

Our Logo

Development of the Voxbone logo

Born from an abstracted V and B, our mouth logo is designed to be simple, bold and full of energy. It’s an iconic symbol that helps us to create fun and playful communications.

We have lots of creative customers and partners, so below we’ve provided some examples of when the logo should be used in different size and color formats. The logo and wordmark are custom made and should never be redrawn.

Voxbone wordmarks

There are two Voxbone logos, vertical and horizontal.
The horizontal mark should be used most often.

If you believe the vertical mark fits better where you
intend on using it, we trust you, so feel free to use it!

You may not use the Voxy on its own.

We are very attached to our brand purple and prefer
that the marks carry their original purple color. If you’re
limited on color, we also have black and white versions.

Download our logo pack here

Be Careful with Our Logo

A Color Story

Voxbone brand colors

As we’re not your typical communications brand, we love using color in everything we do. Especially purple. Here are all our favorite colors and where we use them.

Favourite Fonts

Voxbone font FF Mark Pro

This one is pretty straight forward, to be honest. We have one simple typeface called FF Mark with three weights that we use for everything.

Voxbone typefaces

Looking for pictures of our team?

Voxbone team

We’ve got some handsome members of our team here at Voxbone, so we’re not surprised you want to be using them in your collateral.

Here are some pictures of our management team, but let us know if you need a picture of someone you can’t find.

Ana Castrillon

At Voxbone, I'm encouraged to find unconventional, creative solutions to the daily challenges of my job. We each have our own responsibilities but there's a great sense of collaboration.

Ana Castrillon,
Head of Brand

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