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O2 Telefónica has a great offer for its wireless customers: “International Favorites” contacts in 60 countries. Those who choose this plan also receive a local phone number in a country of their choice to receive calls from abroad while paying domestic rates.

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    When we think international calling, we think expensive, right? Those who make regular calls to friends or family abroad, the costs can add up. With International Favorites, InterO2 Telefónica is making it cheaper and easier for its callers to stay in touch. But the company needed a provider that could extend their reach while delivering savings that could be passed on to the customer. The answer was simple.

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    With Voxbone, setting up International Favorites with inbound numbers from 42 countries took a matter of months, not years. Number sourcing, local interconnects, carrier relations management and regulatory compliance were handled entirely by Voxbone, ensuring rapid deployment with limited costs and limited risks. Best of all, Voxbone’s flat-rate pricing model meant that O2 Telefónica would be seeing major savings as they scaled their service.


O2 Telefónica customers now have an easy and affordable way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. They can make calls without eyeing their watch to see how much each minute is hurting their wallet. Voxbone made it easy for O2 Telefónica to set up and deliver this international add-on to its users, and once set up, the high quality of calls and flat-rate pricing continue to make it a dependable and cost-effective solution.

"Working with Voxbone has been a very good experience. They have proven to be a reliable partner, providing us with the flexibility and quality of service we need."

Gabby Levine, Former Carrier Relations Manager

Company Profile

  • Company CategoryTelecommunications
  • Company TypePublic
  • Founded2005 (O2 acquired by Telefónica)
  • Employees21K+
  • Key PeopleMark Evans, CEO
  • HeadquartersSlough, Buckinghamshire, UK

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