Get Global VoIP Coverage With Our DID Numbers

Voxbone offers its customers carrier-grade, global VoIP coverage in a constantly growing number of countries around the world. Voxbone is the only operator of its kind with its own number ranges, telecommunications licenses and a global private VoIP backbone. Contact Voxbone for more information about our DID Numbers, SIP trunks and other VoIP services.

* National Operator

Countries where Voxbone is a national operator. Voxbone has its own telecommunication licenses or authorization, and its own number ranges. In most of these countries, Voxbone operates its own network access equipment and has direct SS7 interconnections with one or more local wireline service provider.

** Virtual National Operator

Countries where Voxbone works with a reputable tier 1 national operator with its own licenses, telephone number ranges and network infrastructure. After thorough testing and validation, the services from the partnering national operator are integrated with Voxbone's global backbone and back-office systems. Voxbone fully complies with local regulations and holds its own telecommunications license agreement when required.