5CA tangoes with international support

5CA's contact center in Buenos Aires has serious global reach with Voxbone

Speaking your language

5CA offers tech support and customer care outsourcing from its contact center in Buenos Aires. It serves international technology and gaming corporations from North America, Europe, and Asia, both in consumer and B2B markets. With a centralized contact center location, multilingual agents, and use of the latest communications technology infrastructure, 5CA helps businesses cut costs while delivering quality support. To do this the company relies on Voxbone to help them extend their coverage with on-demand numbering provision in more than 50 countries.

5CA Challenges

5CA’s global outreach and staff continues to grow every year. To serve international customers efficiently, 5CA needed to provide local telephone numbers from around the world that would meet the highest standards of call quality, no matter the location.
Managing contracts with operators in each country made it a serious hurdle to centralize its communications needs. Time for another option.

toll-free phone numbers


5CA was an early adopter. The company teamed up with Voxbone in 2006 and gained immediate access to Voxbone’s always-growing coverage that now includes more than 60 countries and 9,000 area codes. 5CA’s contact center in Buenos Aires is fully compatible and could be seamlessly integrated with Voxbone’s services.

global contact center

5CA Results

The ability to source inbound telephone numbers from one single service provider, with minimal time investment in supplier management, has brought 5CA substantial savings without compromising quality of service. Instant provisioning of phone numbers and call capacity allows the company to port international numbers, set up new service and customer care services rapidly to cover more than 25 countries through Voxbone.

With Voxbone, we manage our numbers and call capacity in more than 25 countries with just a couple of clicks. The opportunity to port in existing numbers is a major asset.

Rob van Herpen
Rob van Herpen
Sales Director, 5CA