Dialpad Ditches the Desk Phone

Our compliant voice services and coverage are helping the firm usher in the age of the Anywhere Worker

Game of Phones

Dialpad has rapidly grown its customer base since 2011. The company has attracted more than 45,000 businesses to its cloud-based global Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solution. It brings together video, voice and messaging across different platforms and devices in one service.

It’s magic. Or at least it might seem that way. But behind the curtain, the company needs a reliable, global voice and SMS infrastructure layer for its platform that is compliant with local regulations in multiple markets. So it turned to Voxbone’s infrastructure services for quality, flexibility, and unrivaled international coverage. Because our services are compliant, customers like Dialpad can rest assured of their reliability and availability in the long term.

Dialpad Challenges

Let’s sum up global telephony in one short sentence. Super, super complex. How’s that? Offering a consistent solution means having to sort through pricing and regulations in each and every country. And that costs time and money. So for companies like Dialpad that offer channels such as SMS, local toll-free phone number dialing, the more they can get from a single, compliant communications provider the better.

unfied communications as a service


Voxbone helps Dialpad’s customers break into new markets (more than 10,000 cities in 65+ countries) with just a few clicks. By using the Voxbone platform, the company can easily provision voice services and phone numbers in new markets. And it doesn’t have to worry about compliance because our services are 100% in line with local regulations. Once activated, these services integrate directly into its platform. This gives the business VoIP provider a major advantage compared to the old way of building communications infrastructure. Instead, it can turn on services such as Emergency Calling, mobile phone numbers with two-way SMS capabilities instantly with Voxbone’s web portal and API.

Dialpad Results

Dialpad helps Anywhere Workers move from one place to another without being tied down by the costs and complications of traditional communications. So by providing multichannel support, Emergency Calling access and API-enabled compliant voice services, Voxbone offers Dialpad more capabilities. And the best part is that these capabilities extend across borders. They’re also free from the complications or complexity that growing global company might typically face. So it’s a case of one contract and one monthly invoice for global coverage, no matter the number of countries.


Setting up services with Voxbone is a fast and easy process that lets us deliver high-quality connections to our enterprise customers on a global scale.

Craig Walker
Craig Walker
CEO & co-founder, Dialpad