Local Numbers for Contact Centers

Customers today expect to receive consistent and efficient service when engaging with companies, no matter where they are in the world:  

  • They want to be able to reach the company via a local phone number, or through a few simple clicks on a website.
  • They expect the customer service agent, with whom they are interacting, to have access to their data and history.

In order to meet these expectations, contact center service providers, contact centers of multinational enterprises, and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have to ensure that their service platform is both flexible, scalable, and cost efficient. 

High quality DID numbers for contact centers

Voxbone’s inbound SIP trunks and local telephone numbers provide the flexibility required for a fully integrated and localized contact center. Routed via Voxbone’s private backbone, call quality is first class and fees are flat rate. Voxbone’s geographic, mobile, and toll-free numbers can be ordered in real-time via a web portal or an API. Covering 60 countries and over 9,000 cities, Voxbone provides a one-stop shop to connect contact centers and BPOs globally with minimal effort and at a low cost. 

  • Inbound SIP trunks and local numbers from 60 countries around the world
  • Carrier grade quality: we have our own number ranges, telecommunications licenses and a global private VoIP backbone
  • Flat rate
  • Flexible and dynamic interconnections 
  • One contract

How it Works


How it works - Local Numbers for Contact Centers


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