FoundCOM building better comms with Voxbone

The VoIP Provider has built a communications stack from best-in-breed components using Voxbone's SIP trunks.

FoundCOM understands that communication is at the heart of good customer experience (CX) for modern business. Since its founding in 2015, it has developed a clear proposition for small and medium-sized businesses: a VoIP solution built on open standards and tailored to their specific needs.

The Belgian provider has an enticing offering to help its customers deliver greater productivity and collaboration – emphasizing reliability, quality and functionality. A solution for startups and established companies that lets them create better CX through a single platform for voice, chat, conferencing, SMS and fax.

This deceptively simple approach has yielded huge dividends for the company over the past four years, to the extent that it has been able to branch out into the wholesale space this year. Today, FoundCOM has scaled up its operations to the point that it serves thousands of enterprise and resale customers across 12 countries in Europe, delivering millions of minutes of voice traffic a month and maintaining customer satisfaction ratings of 97%+.

FoundCOM's comms stack is made of best-in-breed components

The Building Blocks for Success

A communications solution is typically made up of three distinct layers: infrastructure, logic and platform. The infrastructure layer is responsible for transporting communications (hint: this is where Voxbone comes in), while the logic layer dictates where and how that traffic will be sent and the platform layer sits on top, providing additional features to meet a given use case.

FoundCOM wanted to build a communications stack from best-in-breed components. At the top, they provide a Wildix Unified Communications platform that delivers the features for enterprise communication, collaboration and mobility. Underneath is an IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) powered by Wildix to handle call control and logic, ensuring communications are routed to the right places. For the communications infrastructure layer, SIP trunking offered the perfect solution. An open protocol that enables voice traffic to be sent from and received by a PBX using IP networks.

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Easy PBX Integration

Voxbone is FoundCOM’s preferred SIP trunking partner, providing instant global scale to their PBX solution. Crucial to the company’s decision to use us was the fact that our voice and messaging services can be easily connected to their platform of choice. With one simple configuration, FoundCOM was able to integrate our local, national, toll-free and mobile phone numbers into the platform. It could receive calls into the PBX platform, but also make them thanks to the use of our International and National Calling capabilities – the latter of which fully replicates in-country carrier functionality from the cloud, including local caller ID and access to entire national dial plans within supported countries.

See for yourself how easy it is to integrate Voxbone and other comms platforms

With the integration in place, the company could then expose our global telephony coverage to their customers directly. “Voxbone delivers quality services for a fair price,” explained Joey Vanschoor, founder and CEO of FoundCOM. “Our business has grown 1000% in just one year of working together. It’s all about the high levels of service and quality they help us bring to our customers.

“It wasn’t difficult to implement Voxbone with our platform because it’s designed to be adaptive for any provider.” The flexibility of FoundCOM’s platform and the open nature of Voxbone’s services, which are designed to be application-agnostic and work with any SIP-enabled platform, were a perfect match.

SIP-powered Cloud communications solution

Streamlining the Workload

For FoundCOM, the advantage that Voxbone brings is in taking away a lot of the administration as they onboard customers around compliance and number portability. “Voxbone helps us with their knowledge of the local regulations in the countries that we are looking to expand into,” says Vanschoor. “This means we are able to expand much more quickly, offering our service in more countries and rapidly onboarding customers.

“The fact that Voxbone provides a standardized process for number porting, across different countries and regulators, also reduces the administrative burden of bringing new customers online as they migrate their traffic to our system.

“You guys listen to our needs and do your best to accommodate us,” he adds, noting that this is a quality both companies share in their approach to dealing with customers.

Simplified Communications

For Vanschoor, the biggest improvement FoundCOM has enjoyed since bringing its voice traffic to Voxbone is in the quality and stability of calls, which he says has directly contributed to the phenomenal growth that the company has enjoyed over the past 12 months.

One of their favourite aspects of working with Voxbone has also been the VIP treatment they have received from the Voxbone team, leaving them confident that they can count on a quick resolution to any issues, should they arise.

1000% growth in such a short period is a fantastic achievement and a testament to the success of FoundCOM’s approach – to build simple, open VoIP solutions tailored to individual clients across Europe. Voxbone’s extensive coverage across 93% of the global economy also means that the company has a ready-plotted roadmap for future expansion, without the need for additional configuration or groundwork on the comms side.

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With Voxbone, we are able to expand much more quickly, offering our service in more countries and rapidly onboarding customers.

Joey Vanschoor
Joey Vanschoor
Founder and CEO of FoundCOM