Centralized Voice-Originating via International Numbers

Voxbone enables centralized voice-originating services whilst allowing its customers to limit costs; both essential features to international calling cards, low-cost international calling solutions, or any other value-added service that requires local dial-in numbers (DID numbers). Our geographic and toll-free dial-in numbers are available in more than 60 countries and delivered over a single IP interconnect. We bypass the international PSTN transit networks and no per-minute fees are charged for the international transport of the call.

Centralized voice-origination  & straightforward set-up

  • Centralized voice-origination services will help save on cost and simplify carrier relations.
  • All Voxbone services can be ordered and configured in real-time via a web based service management portal or API.
  • Voxbone’s inbound SIP trunks support DTMF transparency and CLI transmission.

Call capacity reserved on Voxbone's global VoIP backbone can be shared with all phone numbers sourced from Voxbone, regardless of:

  • Type of number (toll-free or geographic)
  • Country of origin

How it Works


How it works - International Calling Numbers

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