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Iotum is a company that knows how to get people talking. Its conferencing services are used by individuals, non-profits, large and growing businesses alike to extend their reach and collaborate from afar. Whether through, Callbridge and iotum’s other premium brands, users can expect high-quality voice and video conferencing, no matter what medium they’re using or from where the calls are coming from.

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iotum Challenges

More people are working remotely, in more parts of the world than ever. Businesses are looking for conferencing services that are both reliable and flexible to their needs. But how do you provide a high-quality service without having to build a complicated infrastructure from scratch? The conferencing provider needed the quality offered by traditional telephony without the headache of working with different providers in every country.


Did we mention quality is a huge factor in how iotum delivers its services? This is why the company established a direct interconnect with Voxbone’s Los Angeles PoP (point of presence), to be as close to the source as possible. Rather than traverse the public internet, it sought lower latency times and higher-quality calls with Voxbone’s services. No more cutting out. No more dropped calls. This is how conferencing should be.

The best part about our global voice infrastructure is that it’s fully geo-redundant, so whichever location you choose to interconnect with, you never need to worry about downtime because, in the event of an issue with one of our PoPs, calls will automatically be routed through an alternative site. We have automated failover mechanisms in place to make any such switch-over as seamless as possible, so you don’t need to worry about dropped calls.

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iotum Results

Now iotum offers dial-in conferencing services in more than 50 countries supported by Voxbone’s local phone numbers. Voxbone stood apart with a flat-rate pricing model that offered more savings the more its numbers are used. Not to mention a burst-capacity model that gives iotum the flexibility to add more channels for increased usage at rates that make sense on a large scale.

The preference always is, if it’s premium traffic, if it’s a premium number, if it’s available from Voxbone, that’s how we’re going to deploy it. Being able to describe that direct connection with our international supplier is huge.

Michael Muniz
Michael Muniz
Program Manager, iotum