Jeunesse Empowers Global Entrepreneurs

Voxbone helps members of Jeunesse’s health and beauty sales network talk business in 43 countries

Speaking the youth

Jeunesse offers an award-winning line of internationally distributed skincare products, cosmetics and supplements. How was this business, listed in last year’s “Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies” able to scale so quickly and effectively in new markets around the world? Look no further than Jeunesse’s cutting-edge, direct-sales platform, powered by Voxbone’s communications services, to give people a voice both internationally and on a local level.

Jeunesse uses Voxbone for cloud communications

Jeunesse Challenges

Whether supporting global distributors, sponsoring both a French ice hockey team and a beauty pageant in Poland, or supporting children in need with Jeunesse Kids, this is a company that needs an ear to the ground across the Americas, as well as Europe, Africa and Oceania. As Jeunesse expanded to new markets, local phone numbers and services were a key part of the equation. This called for a fresh face in the world of global telephony. And Voxbone was ready for its close-up.


Jeunesse’s distributors connect via desktop or handheld devices using the company’s Joffice and Jmobile office apps. Here, voice and SMS become an important part of the toolset that give salespeople the ability to work independently while staying connected.

Traditional phone carriers haven’t aged well. So instead Voxbone made it easy for Jeunesse to extend its reach on a huge scale by using the simplicity of SaaS.

Voxbone's phone numbers provide global reach

Jeunesse Results

Voxbone supports Jeunesse with best-in-class communications services in established and growing markets across 43 countries. Usage increased as the company expanded, and Voxbone supported this growth with cutting-edge voice communications solutions. And don’t forget about SMS capabilities–Jeunesse uses Voxbone to send an average of more than 25,000 text messages per month. Built for growing businesses, Voxbone’s easy-to-use online portal, instant activation, and flat rates fit right in with Jeunesse’s mission to give people more control over their business.

As Jeunesse is a truly global company, they needed the ability to better promote products, while delivering support to international businesses without complications or mounting costs. Jeunesse produces revitalizing new products and opens up financial opportunities for individuals. It’s no wonder the company chose Voxbone as the ideal partner in the cloud to breath new life into local businesses around the world.