NICE inContact Makes CX Personal

The company takes a transformative approach to CX with its unique software and a helping hand from Voxbone

Building clear lines of communication

As the saying goes, it can take months to win a customer, but only seconds to lose them. Building a good customer experience (CX) doesn’t happen by accident. For the modern business with operations from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, it’s no mean feat providing consistently high-quality CX. But if anyone should know this, it’s NICE inContact.

After all, the company has always understood that the contact center is where a company’s battle to keep customers is won or lost. And that’s why it strives to ensure its omni-channel cloud customer experience platform, NICE inContact CXone, is capable of creating clear lines of communication between enterprise contact centers and their customers, wherever they might be. So at its most fundamental, the challenge is one of reach. And that’s no mean feat when your platform is available in 100+ markets.

Contact center platforms benefit from Voxbone's voice services

NICE inContact Reaches Around the World

With Voxbone in its corner, the cloud contact center software leader can easily integrate a high-quality inbound voice solution that’s available in 10,000+ area codes. That’s 92% of the world economy just a phone call away. And this number will only grow as our reach extends further.

Donna Wehan is Director of Product Management for CXone Voice-as-a-Service. She explains: “For our local DID, toll-free and number porting services, we leverage Voxbone globally to handle our customers’ needs.”

As a CaaS (Communications-as-a-Service) provider, Voxbone is a NICE inContact preferred call origination partner. Voxbone delivers local and toll-free calls made from countries all over the world directly to its platform. Because of this, the company uses Voxbone’s inbound voice services in 51 countries. And that figure continues to rise.

“We want to avoid the headache of standing up voice services in every country where we offer our platform,” says Wehan. “Voxbone is there to do the heavy lifting. They’ve already done the hard work for us. When it comes to coverage, Voxbone’s reach is seemingly endless. As we broaden our customer expansion across EMEA and Asia, Voxbone gives us an advantage.”

Always Available, Always Amazing

NICE inContact understands that customer service is experiential. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, people may forget what you said or did, but they never forget how you made them feel. Ultimately, this proposition relies on availability and quality. In other words, the service has to be there at all times and it has to be great.

Because of the strength of its platform and reliability of partners such as Voxbone, NICE inContact is confident enough to put its bottom line on the line. As a result, it is the only cloud contact center provider that guarantees voice quality. “That’s why Voxbone is such an obvious choice for us,” notes Wehan. “They help us continuously meet our voice quality targets. With Voxbone we have a consistent quality of service and quality of experience.”

Toll-free phone numbers for contact center software

NICE inContact Eases Ahead of the Curve

NICE inContact is rapidly expanding into new markets. Normally this would be a difficult process, but Voxbone makes it much more straightforward, according to Wehan. She explains: “At the end of the day, Voxbone helps us accelerate our entry into these markets and keeps us ahead of schedule. Consistently, it can offer us geographic coverage of toll-free number services that we’re just not able to get from conventional carriers. Voxbone understands growth and global expansion.”

Another way that Voxbone helps NICE inContact is by making the process of provisioning and managing services as simple as possible. So setting up and managing voice services and numbers becomes a breeze. “The Voxbone portal experience is exceptional,” notes Wehan. “Voxbone leads the pack for ease of use by our provisioning teams from start to finish.”


Voxbone’s local and toll-free phone numbers provide NICE inContact with inbound voice across 51 countries. Even better, they were able to easily integrate this solution as part of their cloud contact center software. By interconnecting directly with Voxbone’s fully-meshed global VoIP backbone, NICE inContact can offer users a one-stop contact center service. And that includes access numbers in all these markets.

Voxbone is there to do the heavy lifting. They’ve already done the hard work for us. As we expand in new markets, Voxbone gives us an advantage.

Donna Wehan
Donna Wehan
Director of Product Management for CXone Voice-as-a-Service, NICE inContact