PamFax thinks outside the box

Voxbone’s coverage helps PamFax take global faxing into the future

Just the Fax, Please

When it comes to legal documents, medical records or even restaurant orders, faxing is still in high demand. The market for FoIP (fax over IP) was worth an estimated $455 million in 2017. PamFax is a major player in this space, offering APIs for third-party integrations including Skype and is available across mobile and desktop platforms. By expanding its FoIP solutions in more than 30 countries with Voxbone, PamFax was able to grow its user base by more than 10%.

PamFax Challenges

While things were solid on the development side, PamFax faced significant operational barriers when scaling their FoIP integrations. To offer a truly global fax-to-email service, the company required worldwide telephone numbers at low costs. However, dealing with different operators in each country proved a major inhibitor to success.


Voxbone’s services allowed incoming faxes from the PSTN to be converted to TIFF or PDF files and delivered via the web, bridging the gap between IP and PSTN worlds. PamFax could easily manage their international presence using Voxbone’s web portal and APIs. In turn, the company was able to offer integrated faxing services to more users in more parts of the world without the complications of using carriers in each country they serve.

PamFax Results

The relationship between Voxbone enabled PamFax extended the company’s coverage to 34 countries. The entire process took less than two months. Number sourcing, local interconnects, carrier relations management and regulatory compliance were handled entirely by Voxbone. Voxbone’s API continues to support instant provisioning and configuration for PamFax’s subscriber base, one that grew by 10% with support by Voxbone’s coverage and services.

With extensive coverage, carrier-grade reliability, and full-featured management tools, we decided that Voxbone would be an ideal global partner.

Dick Schiferli
Dick Schiferli
CEO, PamConsult GmbH