Rebtel bucks the norm

Voxbone helps Rebtel do things differently and turn international telephony on its head.

A Rebel Yell

Rebtel is marching to the beat of its own drum. A VoIP solution lets customers connect any handheld (or tablet, or PC) from anywhere, through WiFi and using local phone numbers. With Voxbone’s communications support, the communications provider is gliding through the cloud rather than getting snagged on the complications that traditional telephony can throw at you.

Rebtel Challenges

Rebtel needed to provide its subscribers with local phone numbers, for voice and SMS, in more than 50 countries (Voxbone covers 60+). Traditionally this would be a massive undertaking. And the company needed to steer clear of having to make agreements with unique operators throughout dozens of countries. Or navigating ever-changing regulations. Or waiting weeks for activation. Time to think outside of the box.


In order to set a foundation for success, it teamed up with Voxbone to instantly have access to licenses, telephone number blocks and other flexible services offered at flat rates and via API. Voxbone provides the company with communications services in more than 50 countries, in an instant. It’s this kind of firepower that gives the provider an advantage in the competitive world of global communications.

Rebtel Results

Voxbone gives Rebtel subscribers local phone numbers in the cloud. Users are recognized by their phone number, which removes the hassle of using a physical calling card. Voxbone helps it offer services that are more convenient, less expensive and ones that will continue to skyrocket in popularity as the company powers into its second decade, with an infrastructure that supports massive global growth.

With the help of Voxbone, Rebtel has been able to launch its Direct Call Service and thereby become the second largest mobile VoIP provider after Skype. VoxDID is a key element of this client-less solution.

Andreas Bernström
Andreas Bernström
Former CEO, Rebtel