Serenova Puts CX Firmly in the Fastlane

The CCaaS provider added lightning-fast voice services from Voxbone to its contact center software

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Serenova uses the industry’s most massively open API architecture. This means businesses can integrate the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider’s platform with existing systems and create a custom solution for their organization. It has brought customer service into the digital age and modernized the way contact center agents deliver support, whether through voice, email, chat, SMS, social or mobile.

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Serenova Challenges

Coordinating with multiple providers adds extra complexity, not to mention unpredictable delays to provision the numbers Serenova needed. This meant the company would have to guess-timate demand and then prebank numbers across different providers in anticipation. This created huge inventories of numbers, which meant huge costs. Serenova needed a flexible option to meet the needs of its users without wasting resources.

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Voxbone’s communications infrastructure services are built to fulfill the high expectations of contact centers with a global customer base. With a convenient web-based administration portal to change number configuration and call routing in real-time, via API, the CCaaS provider was able to customize their solution to meet their needs, on the fly, giving them full adaptability and support.

Serenova Results

As a result of consolidating their carriers, Serenova noted a significant decrease in negative service issues, with 0 tickets in 12 months. Serenova’s ability to provide adaptable, modern contact center technology was complemented by Voxbone’s equally flexible and responsive service; this gave them the numbers they need, when they need them.

Cutting out the middleman helped our speed to provisioning and service readiness. It helped, too, that our costs went down for both inventory management and purchasing.

Herbert Shades
Herbert Shades
Senior Carrier Relations Manager, Serenova