International SIP Trunks for Cloud PBX Providers

Voxbone enables cloud PBX and SIP trunking providers to expand the reach of their services internationally. Thanks to Voxbone’s DID numbers, IP-based voice and unified communications (UC) services are accessible from local PSTN networks around the world.

Voxbone supplies SIP trunks for cloud PBX providers through a unique network that interconnects the local PSTN in more than 60 countries via a private global IP backbone.

  • Voxbone has millions of local geographic phone numbers in stock that can be provisioned and configured in real-time via a web portal or an API (VoxAPI).
  • With Voxbone, cloud communication providers can be sure to be compliant with local telecommunication regulations since Voxbone is a licensed service provider in all the countries it operates in.
  • Global private VoIP backbone
  • Millions of numbers in stock
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Access to all local emergency numbers
  • Local number portability (LNP)
  • Voxbone provides its customers with the possibility to dial local emergency numbers (for example, 112 or 911), a service that is mandatory from a regulatory perspective but which is not offered by providers of voice termination services.
  • Voxbone supports local number portability in the majority of countries in which it operates, allowing cloud communication providers to migrate an existing ISDN-based enterprise telephony service to their cloud PBX or SIP trunking services.

How it Works


How it works - SIP trunks for Cloud PBX providers

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8x8, Inc.


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