Voxbone offers SIP Trunks for CPaaS 

An increasing number of high-tech companies have started offering a new set of telecommunication services, often referred to as Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). These providers offer basic building blocks of telecommunication services that can be configured and ordered in a fully automated fashion, via APIs.

  • CPaaS providers focus on the development of value-added communication services, such as cloud IVR or call-tracking services and sophisticated ordering and service-management tools.
  • The majority of their communication services rely on telephone numbers, so that the service can be accessed from mobile and wireless voice networks around the world. 
  • To enable access to PSTN network resources, the majority of these CPaaS providers have turned to Voxbone.
  • Real-time provisioning
  • Millions of telephone numbers in stock
  • SIP and T.38

Voxbone enables CPaaS providers to efficiently connect their communication applications to a telephone network that covers more than 60 countries, with real-time provisioning through an API.

Voxbone has millions of local geographic and toll-free DID numbers in stock that can be provisioned and configured in real-time from Voxbones’s own API; VoxAPI. Integration is easy and straightforward because Voxbone strictly adheres to VoIP standards, such as SIP and T.38, and web service standards, such as SOAP XML, for API integration.

How it Works




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