Trend Micro Tackles Cybersecurity Worldwide

Voxbone helps the IT security provider provide international customer support

Safety in Numbers

The demand for cybersecurity is steadily on the rise. Enterprises are predicted to spend more than $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021 to protect themselves from hacks, attacks, and hijacks. Multinational software security company Trend Micro has seen its customer base grow by leaps and bounds. This is why they turned to Voxbone to support local customer service numbers around the globe, without out-of-this-world costs or time-consuming complications.

Trend Micro Challenges

The cybersecurity expert has contact centers in North America, Europe and the Philippines, clocking more than a million minutes of calls per month from customers around the world. Building a portfolio of local carriers in each of their customers’ countries would be expensive and time-consuming. The company needed a single provider that could both cover its major locations and be able to meet the needs of continuous growth.

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Voxbone’s SIP trunking solutions stood out with flat-rate pricing and an extensive range of geographic and toll-free numbers. Enterprises that rely on the firm’s security products needed access to its customer-service department quickly and reliably. Trend Micro sought an alternative to traditional telephony in order to keep costs and setup times low as they expanded rapidly and continued to grow internationally.

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Trend Micro Results

Voxbone supports Trend Micro’s local presence in 18 countries. When first integrating Voxbone’s services, Trend Micro saw an almost 75% reduction in inbound telephony costs for some regions. The company continues to rely on Voxbone to ensure that crucial customer connections are not only cost-effective but reliable, too. The web can be a scary place, but using Voxbone’s network of local numbers is a safe bet on a global scale.

Kevin Flynn

Voxbone has enabled us to provide a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to traditional vendors. The service is simple to use, and it's easy to activate numbers.

Kevin Flynn
Communications Service Lead, Trend Micro