Virtual Mobile DID Numbers for Inbound Voice and SMS

VoxDID Mobile numbers enables mobile OTT, UC and cloud PBX providers to connect their cloud communication services to the local mobile telephone network.

Voxbone offers inbound voice and SMS communications, collecting voice calls and SMS messages (texting) from the local mobile telephone network.

Calls and SMS messages are then transported over Voxbone’s global IP backbone and delivered to the client’s service platform. Voice calls are delivered via a SIP interconnection, while text messages are delivered using SMPP. Our VoxSMS service provides local and international SMS termination.

Call capacity or VoxTRUNK  channels are needed to enable voice and SMS communications on our virtual mobile numbers. One channel equals one concurrent call, but as channels are not linked to countries or numbers, the advantage is that numbers from different countries can share the same call capacity.     

  • Long-code local mobile phone numbers
  • Optional local and international SMS termination
  • Inbound voice and SMS (text) support
  • Global call capacity (VoxTRUNK)
  • Flat rate (no per-minute fees)
  • API and web portal for real-time provisioning

How it Works

How it works - Virtual Mobile Numbers