Business Continuity & CX: Why You Need Scalable Communications

As businesses begin to try and gain a footing in an unstable climate, Customer Experience (CX) begins to become more of a defining factor for brands and their reputation. We take a look at how business continuity and moving to the cloud is paramount to survival, an efficient route to multi-market localization, and a compliant route to expansion.
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What's On The Agenda?

In this webinar we’ll talk about how contact centers can harness cloud-based communications to facilitate rapid and agile expansion and differentiate your business by making your CX a true competitive advantage.

Join Mehmet Hussein, Technical Design Authority, as he addresses:

  • When the unthinkable happens…
  • Lessons learnt from 2020
  • How cloud can be the CX differentiator
  • Case studies of businesses have utilised cloud comms and made CX a core competency