When in Rome and everywhere else: 3 simple steps to localize your e-commerce business

Global e-commerce

The internet has flung open borders like never before. We’re seeing e-commerce companies and on-demand services scale rapidly and on a global level. Trucks are carrying more goods, cars are picking up more passengers, and bicycles or scooters are zipping in between them all to deliver hot lunches in 30 minutes or less. Some products and services you can’t see at all, but they’re out there, flying through Wi-Fi signals or mobile data into smartphones and computers in every corner of the world.

The case for any company to sell abroad is a big one. By reaching more people across the globe, you can multiply your sales many times over.

What’s Inside?

We’ll examine how this crucial component to e-commerce applies both to a company’s infrastructure and communications channels abroad.

  • How does a company reach out or present itself to foreign customers?
  • How can customers reach them?
  • Can you claim to serve local people and meet local needs if you don’t have a physical office in their country?

This e-book answers these questions and shows how businesses can best localize their operations and services in order to reach new markets on an international scale.