CCW Digital: Contact Center Success

When customer expectations change, great contact centers change with them.

Due to the rise of automation and a good bit of digital transformation, the contact center landscape is undergoing another major evolution to provide superior customer experience (CX).

But what does this evolution look like, and how will impact the teams involved?

What’s Inside?

This digital market study by CCW uses data collected from a wide range of organizations, including a substantial number of enterprise-level organizations to create in-depth stats and info on:

  • Which initiatives will be priorities for a contact center/CX team in 2019?
  • Issues that are arising for customer contact/CX function.
  • Serious performance priorities for organizations in 2019.
  • Common contact center budget changes.
  • The biggest concerns about providing customer support in digital channels?
  • Metrics important to evaluating the success of a customer contact/CX function.
  • How the right cloud migration strategies can cut costs and improve flexibility.