Scaling business communications for a better global presence

It’s no small feat scaling a successful business to new markets. It takes a great deal of planning and investment to create a sustainable presence in new markets. At the heart of this planning should be a sound strategy for business communications.

This covers everything from how you interact with the outside world of prospects, partners and customers to intra-office collaboration and conferencing. It’s an area that is often overlooked at the start, but one that can quickly become a full-time headache for IT managers and CIOs looking to cut their spiraling comms bills down the line.

It also requires a large amount of legal expertise to navigate the tangled regulatory web that exists in the communications space, with each country providing a fresh set of challenges to your efforts to establish a local presence.

In this ebook, we will look at some of the regulatory, infrastructure and channel obstacles you are likely to face; and how best to cost-effectively navigate them.

  • Regulatory compliance: Regional variations in the regulatory landscape, address restrictions, culture and language considerations, streamlined compliance as a service
  • Scalability: Consolidating phone and data networks, maximizing return on existing infrastructure spend, automating communication with APIs
  • Channels: Use cases for different voice channels, including mobile, toll-free and local numbers