The 2021 Guide To SIP Trunks

“What is a SIP Trunk?” is a question we get asked a lot by our customers, new starters, and people we attempt to explain our job to in bars. To make everyone’s life easier we created this, the ultimate guide.

When it comes to the communications industry, change is continuous and never-ending. It wasn’t too long ago that PRI ISDN was making our lives easier and more cost-effective.

This guide is designed to provide a simple and straightforward reference for everything ‘SIP trunks’ in 2021 including:

  1. A Bit of SIP Trunking History
  2. What is a SIP Trunk?
  3. What are SIP Trunk Channels?
  4. How Many Channels Does a SIP Trunk Have?
  5. ISDN vs SIP
  6. Saving Money With SIP Trunks
  7. SIP Trunk Pricing: How it Works
  8. SIP Trunk Security: How Secure are Your Comms?
  9. How To Pick Your SIP Trunk Provider
  10. Voxbone – Our Global SIP Trunk Solution