Outbound Calling brings 4x higher answer rates with local number presentation

Make in-country calls to the entire national dialing plan with true local number presentation in ten markets including US, UK, France, Germany and Australia – with a rapid rollout planned to the rest of the 60+ countries where we’re interconnected.

This is the holy grail for businesses connecting with international audiences. True local number presentation boosts answer rates by as much as four times.

Full national reach with access to the entire dialing plan

Because our national calls are true local calls, they can be sent to destinations across the entire dialing plan in a given country. This means you can call all the following number types:

  • Local and national numbers
  • Mobile numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Emergency service numbers
  • Short codes

Fancy reaching even further afield? With Outbound Calling, you can also place international calls from phone numbers in select countries to any fixed or mobile line in the world.

We support call forwarding and the ability to terminate calls using our Outbound Calling service from third-party DIDs.

Carrier-grade voice with Best-Quality Routing

Our Best-Quality Routing (BQR) engine intelligently optimizes routing on your calls for maximum call quality by ensuring the simplest journey from point A to B. Where calls begin and end in a country that is enabled for national calls, there’s no need for international gateways – so you enjoy noticeably lower latency, higher audio quality and increased privacy.

How it works:

Access to emergency calls for full regulatory compliance

Do you know your legal obligations? For many businesses, providing on-premise access to emergency services is mandated by law. Emergency Calling from Voxbone lets you stay compliant with these rules and saves you money by consolidating your comms in the cloud – without needing to maintain a costly PSTN line just for emergency calls.

Learn more about Emergency Calling.

"Local number presentation on outbound calls can help drive customer conversions through significantly higher answer rates."

Vinay C, Head of Strategic Technology Partnerships, Zoho Corporation

Plugged into 92% of the world economy

Our network is interconnected in all the places that matter most, putting you in touch with billions of the most economically active consumers and businesses.

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