Ensuring regulatory compliance

If you’re operating in multiple territories, it can be a headache ensuring your comms stay on the right side of all those complex regulations.

With Emergency Calling, we do all the hard work – providing you instant on-premise access to the relevant Public Safety Answering Point through a Voxbone DID, based on the address you assign to the number.

The service is available in 30+ countries and counting. So there’s no need for for expensive gateways or dealing with a mess of local providers in every country where you operate.

Ultimate peace of mind

Thanks to our speedy SIP trunks and VoIP infrastructure, calls to emergency service numbers (911, 112 etc.) will be automatically routed to the relevant Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) based on the address assigned to that number. We regularly test all links with local emergency centers and our fully-redundant infrastructure, monitored around the clock in our Network Operations Centers (NOC), is always available, so centers can immediately identify a caller’s precise location.

How it works: 

Voxbone's callflow for Emergency Calling service

  1. Set up numbers and call capacity for countries where you wish to be heard
  2. Activate Emergency Calling on the eligible numbers of your choice for a flat monthly fee
  3. We map your physical address to your local emergency service center and connect the call, simple as that

Consolidate your comms

You can activate Emergency Calling on a per-DID basis for a flat monthly rate. As with our inbound services, you can interconnect with Voxbone directly or via the public internet. There’s no need to work with suppliers in each country where you operate. We offer one global contract so now is the time to consolidate your communications providers.

Over 9,000 area codes across 60+ countries

Our voice network reaches parts of the world the others can’t

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One contract, flat fees

No need to mess around with multiple contracts or fluctuating fees. We made things simple with one global contract and flat pricing that doesn’t skyrocket as you grow.

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