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Meet Voxbone: The Modern, Agile Cloud Carrier

Let’s take it from the top. Q. What is a Voxbone? A. It’s a modern, agile carrier operating on a global scale from the cloud.

The slightly more involved answer is: if you think about your communications stack in three parts, Voxbone sits in the network infrastructure layer alongside legacy carriers, although we do things very differently to them. telecoms stack

This puts us in a unique market space somewhere between legacy carriers and logic-layer solutions such as PBX or CPaaS software. With a vast number of technical staff in the business, we’ve built the Voxbone network from the ground up.

Our engineers have delivered a smart global SIP trunking solution with all the features you expect, that is true to our mission of making business communications strangely simple. In practice, this means that we’ve devoted a lot of our energy to developing innovative solutions to some of the day-to-day provisioning, configuration and management challenges faced by our customers.

Voxbone's position in the marketplace


One Source For Global Telephony

Greater Breadth Versus Legacy Carriers

What stands us out from the crowd? Compared to legacy carriers, our unique value lies in the global nature of our offering, with a coverage footprint that extends to nearly 70 countries that together make up more than 93% of global GDP. Think of us as the gatekeepers of the global economy, providing local voice reachability for corporations in all the markets where they need to do business.

By building a cloud solution to simplify the complex world of global telephony, we are able to provide businesses with a hosted alternative to expensive on-site infrastructure. The as-a-Service model enables us to deliver rapid deployment, instant spin-up and economies of scale.

Instead of working with a different legacy carrier in each market where you need voice presence, you can tap into one standardized set of processes to manage your global telecoms estate at scale in the most efficient manner possible.

Our platform provides a centralized view, via a single pane of glass, from which you can provision and manage all of your required telephony services in real time. We’ve developed a feature-rich toolset that focuses on standardizing and streamlining labour-intensive management and compliance tasks, including APIs for a programmatic approach to automation.

It’s all about providing a repeatable high-quality experience for SIP provisioning and management at scale – across 1, 5, 10, 50 or more countries.

Greater Depth Versus Cloud Providers

What we have in common with legacy carriers, in opposition to the vast majority of VoIP providers and resellers, is that we always look to deploy our own equipment in every country. This is how we’ve been able to establish ourselves as a licensed national operator in nearly 30 countries.

Why is this important? Because it gives us a much greater degree of control over call routing so we can manage latency and performance at a significantly more granular level than the competition.

By interconnecting directly with the national networks in each country we operate, or working only with Tier-1 providers where this is not possible, we can limit the maximum number of hops a call needs to make before it hits our network in a way that providers aggregating service cannot. The benefits of this are manifold:

  • Low latency due to calls taking the most efficient path between A and B
  • Reliability that only comes from a trusted, known partner.
  • Cheaper telephony as this cuts out the possibility of margin stacking
  • Full transparencyfor our customers into how their calls are routed
  • Compliant service for long-term assurances over availability
  • More responsive support as there is no chain of upstream providers to consider

It’s this unique pairing of macro and micro – global scale and local granularity – that makes Voxbone’s position in the market utterly unique.

Supporting Every Step of Your Journey

We care about your success and pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs. No longer wait days for your carrier to respond.

Voxbone has a 24-hour global support structurein place.


In addition to this, we’re firm believers in the open ecosystem. We’ve built our solution on open standards and have worked hard to ensure it’s fully interoperable with any other communications platforms you use.

Our sales engineers and product managers support the integrations you need. And our integration guides make it easy as pie to get up and running with Voxbone, whatever your communications stack looks like.

  • Use our services with any SIP-enabled platform
  • Integrate Voxbone with all major SBCs including including those certified for use with MS Teams Direct Routing such as Avaya, Cisco, Ribbon and AudioCodes
  • Manage Voxbone numbers with soft PBXs such as 3CX, Asterisk, FreePBX and FreeSWITCH
  • We support Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) capabilities for CPaaS and CCaaS platforms such as Twilio, Genesys Cloud and Zoom Phone
  • Voxbone can be used for any on-premise or cloud setup

The Pillars of Success

Easy Number Management
Flexible Channel Setup
Transport Options
Service Management
Number Management
Number Management
Provision new numbers in real time or port in your existing ones for any number type or country we support.

Configure routing, codecs and more in one powerful platform.
Flexible Channel Setup
Flexible Channel Setup
Granular call capacity control. Manage and pool channels for primary, backup and load balancing globally, regionally or nationally.

Built-in resiliency means no need to buy backup capacity.
Transport Options
Transport Options
Route channels over the internet using a VPN or via a private link with a dedicated cross-connect or a virtual cloud (SD-WAN) connect.

Mix and match transport options to suit your use cases in each location.
Service Management
Service Management
Monitor transport quality to ensure high CX and easily manage compliance requirements with our dictionary of local regulations.

Automatically reroute calls within 5 seconds if your own equipment fails

Completing a Technical Validation

Creating A Test Account

So if these are the types of things you are looking for, what next? We are happy to support technical trials on our network for a period of 14 days. We’ll provide a test account preconfigured for what you would like to test. It’s fully featured, but does come with some limitations.

Please be aware that this is intended for use in technical validation by businesses only.


As such, there are some restrictions on the numbers you can call out to and there is a credit limiting mechanism in place on our test accounts to prevent them from being used by any fraudulent actors. To receive your account, please email us on [email protected] with some basic information:

  • The comms equipment you are using so we can send you the correct guides
  • The countries where you would like to test our coverage
  • The name of the company you are validating for

Once you’re set up, we’ll invite you into our Beta slack where you will be able to pose questions directly to our team.

What You’ll Need

While the information we provide covers the fundamentals of how to get set up and integrated with a significant range of endpoint products, we strongly recommend you only undertake this process if you are familiar with your company’s own telecoms equipment and setup.

We are here to help, but this process is intended to be ‘light touch’ as it’s free of charge, so you’ll need to do the majority of the implementation yourself.

If you require our assistance to troubleshoot, we’ll ask you for a Packet Capture (to be provided in PCAP format) to allow us to see what data you are sending and compare it to what is being received by our network.

Remember to configure your network to allow traffic from Voxbone’s IP addresses and route outbound calls to a different end point.

You need to be able to configure your network to allow traffic from Voxbone’s IP addresses, and route outbound calls to a different end point. Our security principles also enforce the use of SIP Digest headers, so keep this in mind if you’re running your own custom setup or self-developed platform for which we haven’t produced a guide.

Set a New Record

If want to look at technically assessing the Voxbone network, we’d be thrilled to support you in getting up and running quickly.

Can you beat the record implementation time of first inbound and outbound calls placed in less than18 minutes?

Ready to start your technical validation?