It's Easy Bringing Voxbone Directly to Microsoft Teams

Building a better UCaaS stack is about to get a lot more straightforward with the launch of Carrier Peering for Teams.
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Difficulties Scaling MS Teams Globally & Cost-Effectively

Microsoft Teams has gone from strength-to-strength in recent months, driven by global remote-working demand and the opening up of its own ecosystem.

But it’s still not easy to add Direct Routing to the platform, especially if you want to circumvent the high costs and limited reach of Microsoft’s own Calling Plan. Some of the major issues organizations are facing include:

  • Lacking the internal telecommunications expertise to select an appropriate SBC for their needs
  • Higher operational costs through the use of third parties to manage SBCs, additional contracts for the underlying telephony and the additional overhead to manage all this
  • Hidden operational costs such as the need to use PowerShell scripts to make changes in the telephony layer
  • Unexpected Teams outages leaving businesses with no voice due to a lack of business continuity plans
  • Difficulty linking phone users across different systems and managing the business call flow in the longer term

Adding Cheaper, Global Calling Capabilities to MS Teams

Our solution to these challenges is Carrier Peering for Teams. We’ve developed this specifically for organizations that don’t already have an SBC in place.

If you’re worried about your long-term ability to leverage Microsoft’s collaboration platform, the future proofing capability of Carrier Peering for Teams should be just the sort of thing you’re looking for.

By embedding the capability of Teams Direct Routing natively into our network, we are able to support the platform with greater functionality and coverage than if you manage it via an SBC.

Support for All Microsoft-Certified SBCs

We also support customers running on all of the Microsoft-certified SBCs and you can solve many of these same challenges simply by adding us as your carrier of choice to your SBC.

The Benefits of Carrier Peering for Teams

Global Resilience

Voxbone Voice

Global Resilience

Because our network infrastructure is spread globally, we can support your Teams users wherever they are. With paired SuperPops in each of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, we can failover seamlessly between Microsoft’s termination points.

Our carrier network runs as a mesh, so if one node goes down, the rest will pick up the slack automatically. And if Microsoft suffers an outage, we can re-route calls to mobiles or other destinations as required. All without the need to operate an SBC.

Operational Management


Operational Management

Don’t let the significant burden of managing your communications drain your resources.

Our platform tools and APIs are built to help you productively tackle tasks – such as configuring numbers for joiner/leaver policies, troubleshooting quality issues, ensuring compliance – or automate them entirely.

Connect your O365 system with our platform then manage phone numbers and address details natively.

Quality Management

Voxbone Network Interconnections

Quality Management

If you’ve used Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard, you’ll know its limitations. A measure of “Good, Fair, Poor” or often “Unclassified” doesn’t tell you a great deal. And without Media Bypass mode, it won’t even be obvious if issues lie with Microsoft or elsewhere.

Because we’re a national operator in many countries and only work with Tier-1 partners in others, we have greater control over call routing, so we can give you greater visibility.

With Voxbone Insights, you get granular real-time quality metrics – mean opinion score, round trip time, jitter and packet loss – on every call. You can even drill into the call journey to rapidly isolate and troubleshoot issues before users complain.


Voxbone Connect


Major failures are one thing, but what about support for issues or use cases specific to your business, such as checking the reachability of a specific number or troubleshooting why a client can’t connect?

After all, Microsoft readily admits it’s not a global communications expert and that it’s own business calling packages might not be ideal for every organization.

Working with Voxbone nets you 24/7 support, rapid response and – because we’re either a national operator or work with Tier-1 providers in the markets we serve – the quickest possible problem resolution due to the lack of upstream providers.


SIP Trunks


Need additional functionality from other platforms but struggling to interop? Perhaps you want to bolt on a cloud call recorder or need to connect Teams with your contact center platform? No problem.

The Voxbone platform is one of the most open and interconnected in the world, with support for a vast number of third-party services. So if interop’s an issue for your Teams instance, come give us a try.

Try Carrier Peering for Teams

If you don’t want to mess around with your live Teams config to try Voxbone, we can give you access to our own test setup.

Get in touch with us and we can set up access for 2 users for a week so you can assess Carrier Peering for Teams!