What is interconnection?

It’s how we link your systems to landline and mobile carrier networks in the 60+ countries where we operate. We’ve maximized the availability of our services by establishing redundant interconnections with 10+ tier 1 ISP and network providers.

We own number ranges and operate PSTN gateways and SS7 switches in most countries where we operate – directly interconnecting with incumbent telecoms operators and alternative operators.

In countries where we don’t own a media gateway, we partner one or more fully-licensed tier 1 operators for maximum service quality.

Weapon of choice

Our customers have the choice of four methods for interconnection:

  1. A dedicated remote interconnection to one of our private SuperPoPs
  2. A physical local interconnection to one of our private SuperPoPs if operating in the same datacenter
  3. A secure interconnection over the public internet with VPN encryption
  4. An interconnection over the public internet

IP address ranges

We use SIP to forward calls to IP addresses or SIP URIs. To successfully receive calls to your gateway with full redundancy, configure the SIP and RTP ranges below. In the event of an outage, we may reroute traffic from another PoP, which is why it is important that incoming traffic is allowed from all PoPs.

    Signaling IP Addresses
  • Country IP Addresses
  • Belgium
  • LA, USA
  • NYC, USA
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Sydney, Australia (media only)
    RTP Ranges Super PoPs
  • Country RTP Ranges
  • Belgium
  • LA, USA
  • NYC, USA
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia (media only)

Plugged into 92% of the world economy

Our network is interconnected in all the places that matter most, putting you in touch with billions of the most economically active consumers and businesses.

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